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Tag and Label Overview

Armories typically store weapons, gear, ammo, personally owned weapons, pelican cases, containers and similar objects.  Most objects can be tagged with RFID, to bring the full benefits of tracking and security technologies, and others must be tagged with bar codes, most often for ammo.

Bar code tags enable accurate, fast scanning of bar code labels with pistol-grip or hands-free bar code scanners.  RFID tags can be scanned with pistol-grip scanner or by placing RFID antennas at issue/return windows and armory doorway.

Objects with RFID tags enable security infrastructure that enables passive triggering of security alerts in case of an unauthorized removal of a RFID-tagged object from an armory.

Weapon racks, shelves, bins and other storage locations can be tagged with RFID or bar code tags, and location tags and object tags can be scanned when objects are placed into storage.

Maintenance tags can be placed on weapons when received for maintenance.  Tags are available in 1-part or multi-part designs. 

ARMS software will also produce ‘Do Not Arm’ tags.