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Chain of Custody – Accountability – Transaction History

Every event or workflow related to every weapon, gear, and ammo, and every event or workflow related to personnel and personnel certifications are stored as unique audit trail records in the ARMS Armory Management System’s chain-of-custody software module.

When database records are created within the database for weapons, gear, ammo, personnel or events, and each time a database record is viewed or updated, a row of data is added to the chain-of-custody audit log.

The ARMS Chain-of-Custody audit log provides a complete and detailed history of all weapon, gear, ammo and personnel, including:

  > date and time

  > type of event

  > action that occurred

  > location of event

  > prior database value

  > new database value

  > person performing event

The chain-of-custody audit log can be printed, including any electronic signatures that were captured during issuance of weapons, gear and ammo to authorized personnel.  The data from the audit trail records can also be utilized to generate a wide range of reports.