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Scalability Overview

The ARMS Armory Management System is scalable from both software and technology perspectives.

ARMS is a single code base that can be configured to provide essentially unlimited discreet applications within a single database instance.  For example, the software can be configured to track gear stored in warehouses, equipment and motorized vehicles on premises, personnel, tools, assets, documents or other types of objects or people….all in a single database on a single server.

The ARMS Armory Management System primarily utilizes UHF RFID technology.  However, additional tracking technologies like long-range RFID, Bluetooth, WiFi, Cellular and Satellite can also be delivered to address needs and solve problems where UHF is not the right tracking technology.

ARMS can also be implemented in conjunction with security technologies like access control and video surveillance systems, to link object/people tracking and situational awareness for optimal location controls and security capabilities.