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What We Do

Virtual Doxx Corporation develops enterprise-class database management software utilizing J2EE with Java, HTML and Android GUI’s, integrated with bar code and RFID technologies for object and people tracking and security applications. Virtual Doxx Corporation’s primary competencies are weapon, document and asset tracking solutions, though we have delivered a broad array of solutions for different industry and government applications.

Virtual Doxx’s flagship product is the ARMS Armory Management System. ARMS is COTS (commercial off the shelf) software that is configurable for each customer based on a project’s exacting data, workflow, tracking, security and reporting requirements. ARMS can be accessed utilizing workstations, tablets and phones, and fully supports touch-screen computing, along with RFID and bar code passive or human-assisted scanning.

Since 2007, Virtual Doxx staff have worked with multiple military, police, security agency and infrastructure organizations to design, evolve and enhance the ARMS Armory Management System, including a consistent addition of software features and additional hardware devices to further optimize the ARMS solution.

For each new project, Virtual Doxx and customer staff collaborate to design the ARMS application to provide optimal performance and ‘best practices. Virtual Doxx provides turn-key projects including requirements analysis, software configuration, hardware, tags, implementation, training and ongoing support.