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GSM Weapon Accountability and GSM Weapon Tracking

GSM Weapon Accountability is accomplished with small GSM weapon tags that typically fit within weapon grips, or can be placed anywhere on a weapon desired. The GSM weapon tags are detected by GSM towers to provide an exact location of tagged weapons, anywhere and at all times. If weapons or lost or stolen, the weapon can be tracked using Google Maps or similar programs to see the weapon’s location and movement real-time.

GSM technology also enables the weapon tag to be coupled / associated-with security personnel tags and/or security personnel cell phones. If a weapon moves past a specified distance from the security person to whom the weapon is assigned (such as 5 meters or 100 meters, etc.), a ‘security event’ alert is automatically transmitted to the ARMS Armory Management System command center. Further, ‘shots fired’ can also be configured to send ‘security event’ alerts to the command center.

The value of an assault rifle and similar weapons is not something that can be measured in terms of dollars alone. Armed forces and police forces are allowed to carry and use weapons as a tool of power. With this privilege of power comes great responsibility; these weapons need to be under strict control and not available to insurgents, criminals or others whose intentions are unknown.

An ever-evolving global threat of crime and terrorism, requires a sophisticated and experienced entity to pro-actively and re-actively deal with this threat. With a combined experience in military, police and counter-terrorism, the ARMS Armory Management System is at the forefront of combating this global threat through its world-class weapon accountability technology.

The ARMS Armory Management System’s revolutionary and powerful GSM capability is a new technology just now available to the worldwide marketplace, and revolutionizes weapon accountability, that enables GSM-tagged weapons to be tracked and found anywhere there is GSM coverage. Never before has there been the ability to find stolen or lost weapons and to track the locations of weapons real-time.