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Hardware Overview

The ARMS Armory Management System integrates and supports best-of-breed RFID and security hardware for turn-key RFID and security system implementations.

RFID hardware is utilized to passively track weapons, gear, ammo and containers when exiting or entering an armory.  And to inventory armories and to find missing items in armories or storage.  And to trigger security hardware and alerts.

Security hardware is utilized to alert armory and supervisory staff if an armory incurs a security breach.  Flashing lights, video cameras and access control systems can be engaged based on RFID tags detected and approved business practices.

Touch screen computers and monitors are utilized for touch-computing, without requiring use of keyboard or mouse.  Touch screens can also be utilized to provide access controls through PIN # entry.

Biometric fingerprint scanners and electronic signature pads are utilized for personnel authorizations and for validating proof-of-custody during weapon, gear and ammo issues and returns.

Active RFID infrastructure provides a dynamic RFID platform for applications where UHF RFID lacks required capabilities, including long-distance tag detection.