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Weapon Inspections, Cleanings and Test Firings

Weapons must be periodically cleaned, inspected and test fired to ensure that weapons remain in proper working condition.  An armory must be able to quickly query the ARMS database or generate reports that show the entire history of all weapons, validating that weapons are being maintained according to proper procedures. 

ARMS also includes ‘child’ database records for each weapon, that are utilized to input information about each cleaning, test firing or inspection, including date, officer and results.  Each such event produces an ARMS audit trail record, providing a complete history of each weapon, including each weapon inspection, cleaning or test firing, and, the results of each event.

ARMS enables weapons to be placed into workflow queues, such as ‘Due for Test Firing’, ‘Due for Inspection’ and ‘Due for Cleaning’.  The armorer can quickly access a listing of any weapons due for any event.  Weapons remain in queues until the required task has been performed.