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GSM Weapon Proximity Tracking and Alerts

ARMS GSM enables real-time alerts if a weapon is lost or stolen, via ARMS software alerts on computers, text alert messages and email alert messages. When there is a disruption of the pairing between the microchip inside of the firearm and the officer’s tag (a weapon assigned to a security person becomes a predefined distance from the person, such as 1 meter or 10 meters, etc.), an alert is transmitted to the control room server, and alerts are triggered to ensure rapid recovery of the lost or stolen weapon(s).

The alerts continue on a predefined time-basis, such as every minute or every 10 minutes, etc. until authorized command center personnel disable the alert. ARMS GSM alerts are accomplished through real-time tracking of the weapons and security personnel, with immediate alert notifications upon a security incident occurrence.

The control room / ARMS GSM software operator has the ability to dial-in to the weapon’s microchip manually even without a break in pairing-to-officer to determine the location of the weapon. Any unauthorized weapon movement, whether in the line of duty or in weapons storage facilities, triggers an alert through the ARMS GSM control room server.