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GSM Weapon Tags

ARMS GSM utilizes the world’s smallest, encased tags with GSM microchip that fit within the grips of long arms and pistols, and which can be placed anywhere on weapons desired. The microchips are typically installed inside the handle of the firearm out of sight, making the ARMS GSM solution discrete and non-visible. Aside from the extremely small size of the microchip which allows it to fit to almost any firearm, the technology built inside the microchip is particularly impressive.

The microchip boasts an unsurpassed battery life of up to a number of months without requiring a recharge (depending upon ‘event’ lifecycle of the microchip). A low battery signal is also programed into the system, whereby the control room is notified if the battery charge is low on a specific microchip so as to allow for recharging back in the relevant armory.

Operating through GPS and GSM technology, the microchip boasts the features of tracking, identifying when a firearm has been fired, direction of shots fired (optional), and being able to recognize that a firearm has been stolen or in unauthorized use. With regards to the latter, each handler of the relevant firearm would be issued with a ‘smart’ card, allowing for communication between the handler of the weapon and the microchip embedded inside the weapon itself.

The moment the authorized handler is out of range of the firearm issued to him/her (range is pre-defined by client), an alert will be sent off to the control room, identifying the current location of the firearm. The advantage to ARMS GSM is that it allows for instantaneous communications and alerts without relying on the guard to contact the control room that the firearm has been stolen or is otherwise missing. In addition to sending an alert to the control room ARMS software application, an alert is sent through to a dedicated cell phone(s) informing key security personnel.