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Weapon Registry Software

ARMS GSM is J2EE enterprise-class commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, integrated with touch computing, bar codes, RFID and GSM technologies. ARMS is a single software code-base that includes the features and functionality developed for all prior customers and applications, enabling robust functionality and rapid deployment for each new client out-of-the-box.

Utilizing ARMS’s rapid application development toolkit, ARMS provides customized applications to meet each customer’s exacting data, workflow, tracking, security and reporting requirements. For multi-site implementations, User privileges can be limited to a single ‘silo’ of data relative to a single armory, to specific armories or to all armories.

ARMS can be utilized to manage weapons, gear and ammo in depots (warehouses) and supports electronic form communications and standard tracking (transfer to destination) functions for weapon, gear and ammo requests and shipments. ARMS is also designed with specific and robust functionality for armories that assign weapons to soldiers or officers for temporary duty, to track issues and returns for work shifts / post security from fixed-location or mobile armories.

ARMS supports keyboard/mouse, touch screen, tablet and phone-based computing, with Java, HTML and Android applications. Data entry, photo-touch, bar coding and RFID are supported for assigning and tracking weapon, gear and ammo issues, returns and movements. Officer qualifications and weapon certifications are tracked by ARMS, including due-dates for recertification, and, ‘APPROVED TO ARM’ and ‘DO NOT ARM’ statuses are maintained for each officer authorized to receive weapons, gear or ammo from an armory.

The weapons, gear and ammo required for specific posts are maintained by ARMS, as are the specific weapons assigned to each officer. When an officer is to receive weapons, gear and ammo from an armory, photos of the objects required for the post and assigned to the officer display as photos on the armorers computer screen. Photos border with green if approved for transfer, or, bordered with red if certifications are expired or the officer is marked as ‘DO NOT ARM’.

Touch screen computers and electronic signature pads are supported for authenticating transfers-of-custody of weapons, gear and ammo. Photos, serial #’s and descriptions display on touch screen and/or to the electronic signature pad, enabling officer to accept custody of the objects received by touching an ACCEPT button, entry of PIN # and/or electronic signature.
ARMS supports portable bar code and RFID scanners for rapid inventories of armories or warehouses after shift changes and for periodic audits.

Portable RFID scanners also enable missing or needed objects to be rapidly found, similar to how a metal detector locates metal objects.

Weapon inspections, cleanings and test firings are also tracked relative to due dates and test results. ARMS also tracks weapon maintenance events, including weapon, deposition, duration and parts used.

ARMS includes a significant # of standard reports and customized reports are readily available. Reports are generated by SQL queries, including complex multi-table joins. Reports can be generated in HTML or CSV formats, and can be opened in Excel or other third party reporting tools for further manipulation. Report data can be output in column / row format or can be rendered to specific report designs as may be utilized and required by a customer.

Virtual Doxx Corporation’s single code base includes the ARMS Armory Management System’s functionality, and also support tracking property / evidence, documents / jackets / files, assets, people or other objects. A single database instance can support unlimited object and people types.