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Active RFID

UHF RFID is ideally suited for tracking objects and people at doorways or other specific choke-points.  For armories, UHF RFID is typically implemented for tracking weapons, gear, ammo and/or containers being passed through issue/return windows or traveling through an armory doorway.

Active RFID provides much longer detection distances than UHF RFID, up to approximately 1,500’.  Active RFID reader/antennas can be calibrated to create RFID zones of any size desired, from a few feet to up to 1,500’.

UHF RFID tags are activated by radio waves transmitted by an RFID antenna.  Active RFID tags include a battery that enables the tag to automatically send out a beacon signal on any prescribed time interval.

The combination of long-distance reader/antennas and battery tags sending out beacon signals, Active RFID is ideal for weapon depots providing real-time tracking of all tagged objects at all times, and, for tracking tagged objects through wide dock doors or other wide openings.

Portable active RFID scanners also have a range up to approximately 1,500’, enabling missing or needed tagged objects to be rapidly found, even in large spaces.  The scanner alerts the User when the desired object has been detected, and then similar to a metal detector, guides the User right to the object.