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Biometric Fingerprint Pad

USB-connected biometric fingerprint pads are supported by the ARMS Armory Management System.

When personnel are enrolled to the ARMS software, their fingerprint is scanned multiple times to ensure that the fingerprint has been captured successfully and is of high performance quality.

The primary use of biometric fingerprints within the ARMS system is for authenticating personnel.  When a person approaches the armory for receipt of weapons, gear, ammo and/or containers, the transaction must begin with scanning of their fingerprint.  Once the fingerprint is scanned, ARMS looks-up the fingerprint in the ARMS fingerprint personnel library to validate its authenticity. 

Once the fingerprint is matched to an authorized personnel’s fingerprint in the ARMS fingerprint library, the ARMS software within the armory signals that the fingerprint is valid and displays a photo of the person on the armory computer screen(s).  Armory staff can then validate the person against their photograph from the ARMS personnel photograph library.

Whereas most typically an electronic signature pad is utilized to validate the objects transferred to personnel, or an external monitor with touch input of personnel identification #, the fingerprint pad can also be utilized by personnel to accept custody of the objects that have been transferred to their custody.