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Diagnostic Light Stacks

Diagnostic light stacks connect-to and are powered-by RFID fixed readers.

Diagnostic light stacks are utilized for real-time, visual validation that RFID hardware is in good working condition and that hardware is detecting RFID tags.

When a reader turns on, a combination of lights is triggered.  When tags are detected, a different combination of lights is triggered.  As such, staff within and armory have immediate, real-time diagnostics of hardware and system performance.

Light stacks are optionally available with built-in alarm.  The alarm is triggered when a tag or tags are detected at a doorway, issue-return window or other choke-point that conflict with prevailing business rules.  For example, if an object tag is detected at a doorway, but no person-tag is detected, the alarm can be triggered.

The ARMS Armory Management System also supports reader-connected alarms independently of light stacks.  Lights and/or alarms can be triggered according to security protocols and based on tag(s) detected.