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RFID Antennas

RFID antennas connect to a RFID fixed reader, and have an approximate detection range of 40’.  However, for armory management distance is less important than the ability to effectively saturate an issue/return window or doorway, while not emitting radio waves beyond the dimensions of the window or doorway.

RFID antennas are available with emission of linear or circular radio waves.  In most instances, antennas with circularly oriented radio waves are utilized for armory management applications.

Most commonly RFID antennas are approximately 1’ x 1’ x 1” in size, though larger and smaller sizes are readily available.  Antennas include a 20’ cable that connects the antenna to the reader.  Cable extensions are available, however, distance beyond 20’ will have an incremental decrease in performance.

Most often a reader is dedicated to a single doorway, window or other ‘choke point’.  In such cases, any antenna that detects a tag updates the database as the tag being detected at the single discreet location.  However, antennas can be configured at multiple, discreet locations, with each antenna or any combination of antennas representing a different location as to updating the ARMS database.