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RFID Portals

The philosophy behind the ARMS Armory Management System is to delivery the most robust performance with the least possible investment.  For most armories or depots, RFID infrastructure can be mounted on exiting walls, ceiling or above the ceiling.

However, some armories or depots are constructed in a manner that mounting RFID infrastructure utilizing existing physical facilities is not possible, or, is not optimal.  In such circumstances, freestanding RFID portals can be installed that house the RFID infrastructure and form a RFID pass-through zone.

RFID portals are most often implemented at armory doorway(s).  Portals can also be installed at depot dock doors and/or at locations within a warehouse facility.  Wherever portals are installed, any tagged objects or people that are detected will automatically update to the ARMS database.

RFID portals can also be implemented at vehicle gating systems to log vehicles entering and leaving the premises, and to prevent entry to unauthorized vehicles.