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Touch Screen Computer

In addition to supporting bar code and RFID inputs, the ARMS Armory Management System also supports touch screen computing.  ARMS can be operated without requiring keyboard or mouse.

ARMS supports any industry standard touch screen computer.  However, it is typically preferred that any touch screen computer installed supports a second external touch monitor.

Touch screen computers can be utilized as a server and workstation, or, as a workstation. 

The ARMS Armory Management System has been designed to function similar to a point-of-sell software solution, enabling fast, visual, touch computing by armory staff.

Touch screen computers and/or touch screen monitors are typically utilized at issue/return windows for tracking tagged objects during issue and return transactions.  Touch screen computers can also be utilized for tracking objects being issued and returned through a doorway.

If a doorway is implemented to passively track personnel and/or tagged objects, a touch screen monitor can be placed above or beside doorframe, so that personnel can visually confirm that the objects transferred to their custody were detected by RFID antenna(s).