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Weapon, Gear and Ammo Transfers for Short-Term Duty Cycles

Military security personnel police special forces are typically transferred weapons, gear and ammo for short-term duty cycles, which when completed, the weapons, gear and ammo are returned to the armory.

ARMS software maintains a database table of posts and force response-types, including the weapons, gear and ammo required for each such location or event.  After an officer has been authenticated, the weapon(s) assigned to the officer and required for the post or event are displayed as photographs on the ARMS touch-based tracking screen. 

Weapons, gear and ammo can be tracked through issue/return windows and/or doorways utilizing drop-down lists within the ARMS software, by scanning a bar code on the weapons, gear or ammo, or through passive identification via RFID antennas surrounding issue/return windows and/or doorways.

ARMS software borders the weapon photos in green if officer certification(s) are up to date, or, borders in red if officer certification(s) have expired.  A list of ammo in-the-armory corresponding to each weapon-type being transferred displays as a drop-down list, enabling the armorer to rapidly select the ammo being transferred along with weapons and gear.

ARMS software confirms that all weapons, gear and ammo required for the military post or police security event have been identified, certification(s) confirmed and transferred to the officer or solider.   The weapons, gear and ammo transferred to the officer will display as rows of text on an electronic signature pad, or as rows of text and photo on a touch screen monitor, enabling the office or solider to confirm the objects being transferred to their custody.  The officer or solider either signs the electronic signature pad or touches the ‘ACCEPT’ button on the touch monitor to accept custody of the weapons, gear and ammo transferred to their custody.

All weapons, gear and ammo transferred to the custody of the officer or solider updated in the ARMS software to that person as the current location of the objects.  An audit trail database record is added to each object transferred as well, providing a complete  history of all weapons, gear and ammo from acquisition through final disposition.