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Tracking Personnel, Weapons, Gear and Vehicles at Deployment

Assets and vehicles can be detected by satellite and/or cellular technologies and tracked real-time.  Tagged assets / vehicles are tracked as they move and their locations can be viewed on mapping software like Google Maps.

Military and police struggle with maintaining real time situational awareness of First Responders and/or Personnel due to vast indoor and outdoor spaces typically associated with deployments or 1st Response to emergencies.

Given the complexities of tracking vehicles, assets, objects and people in both indoor and outdoor environments, it is a significant challenge is to provide real time situational and location awareness so that real-time tracking is seamless and their can be real-time response to the unknown situations that are unpredictable and volatile.

Through ARMS Armory Management System’s real-time tracking technology, police, military and 1st Responder personal, vehicles, equipment and assets can be tracked with up to a 1 second rate. ARMS provides real-time geo-spatial data for all vehicles, personnel, equipment and assets, which can be integrated with 3rd party Command and Control Systems.

> Merges GPS and indoor / outdoor zone based tracking

> Allows for the map-viewing of tagged objects and people real-time

> Allows setup  of Geo-Fences for real time alerting/notification

GPS and cellular tracking technologies are complimented with long-range radio communications.  Once at a deployment or emergency response site, long range radio wave scanners can be quickly erected and defined as a specific location within ARMS software.  Long range radio wave scanners provide read-ranges up to 1,500’

Having location data within the ARMS database and also overlayed on mapping software provides optimal location awareness of tagged people and objects.

Radio wave personnel tags include ‘man down’ and ‘duress’ features.  If person experiences duress, they can press a button built-in to the tag that sends an alert to the command center.  If a tag stops moving for ‘n’ seconds or minutes (or any time interval), an alert is automatically sent to the command center.

The combination of UHF RFID, Active RFID/Long Range Radio Communications, Cellular and Satellite tracking provides the location needed in any scenario that may be encountered.