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Document / File Tracking

Documents remain a critical element of most organizations, and central to the work performed by personnel. Police, military, security entities and other organizations often have sensitive information in files, that should be protected against unauthorized access or removal

Workflow studies show that personnel productivity and customer service are significantly impacted by accessibility of files and the documents within files. The ability to fulfill missions, operate a productive and profitable enterprise and effectively service internal and external constituents depends on well organized and rapidly accessible files.

ARMS supports robust records management functionality, including the use of bar coding and/or RFID technology for managing and securing files, documents and archives. Whereas file tracking is an essential element of records management, having an efficient color-coded file system based on characters of a file name or digits of a file # is of equal importance. Color-coding enables easy retrieval and re-filing of folders and prevents misfiles, or, makes misfiles immediately recognizable.

ARMS includes a batch tracking screen for scanning a file or many files at-a-time for check-in and check-out. RFIED can also be placed around file room doorways to passively track files when files exit or return.

Portable scanners enable rapid inventory of files-in-circulation, to keep the locations of files current within the ARMS database. The key element to records management efficiency is the ability to query the database to determine a file’s location, and, the database show the correct location of the needed file. Periodic inventories of files-in-circulation ensures rapid access to files, even if files move from person-to-person and place to place once in circulation.

Portable scanners also function similar to a Geiger counter, utilizing frequency of beeps, cold-warm-hot color scale and numeric index to guide Users right to a needed file.

RFID can also be utilized to scan folders to ensure that the correct documents are within folders at time of issues and returns, or at any time. RFID antennas at exits ensure that files, archives or tagged documents do not exit facilities in an unauthorized manner, and will trigger alarms, flashing lights and alerts if an archive, file or document approaches a facility exit in an unauthorized manner.