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Intrusion Detection

Police department and military facilities are increasing security risk and often have expansive facilities or bases that have remote access points.  Ground-based radar, long-range radio communications, radio antennas and GPS antennas establish a ‘technology security perimeter field’ that establishes a technology-enhanced border around any facility or grounds.

Authorized people, equipment and vehicles can have RFID tags that enable real-time visibility of ‘who or what they are’, ‘where they are’ and ‘is person or object’s location authorized’.  Their locations can overlay a GPS map, such as Google Maps, to show their exact locations at all times.

Technology perimeters can include integrated video surveillance.  If any unknown person or vehicle approaches a technology perimeter (meaning that the vehicle and or persons to not have an authorized radio frequency tag), automatic alerts are transmitted to the command center, including video footage from cameras in proximity to the area of the security breach.

Authorized personnel, equipment, vehicles and weaponry are also tracked with the ARMS systems.  As such, in case of security breach, command center officers can determine the resources on-hand and rapidly engage needed resources to respond to the security breach.