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People Tracking

Most access control systems enable a single person to open a door, using card, pin # or biometrics, but ‘many’ people can enter or exit through the door without being detected.  Our staff can assist an organization with implementing traditional access control systems, and turnstile systems, to be utilized as independent systems, with data interchange from the access control system to update personnel, contractor and visitor information within ARMS software.

ARMS software keeps a computerized registry of all personnel, contractors and visitors, including the time they entered or exited a facility.  If access control points are installed within facilities, updates to ARMS will include where within facilities people are located.

UHF RFID, Active RFID or WiFi RFID enable staff to be tracked entering, exiting, within or on exterior grounds of a facility, and, tracking people passively without requiring doorway access control hardware that must be utilized by staff.  RFID ensures that ‘all’ people are identified and tracked, not just the person(s) that acutally input to the access control system so that a doorway opens that ‘n’ people may pass through.

Because RFID is a passive technology, people can be tracked wherever they are inside a facility or outside of a facilitiy, and, if any person approaches an area that they are not authorized to enter, ARMS can trigger alarms, lights and alerts.

Portable RFID scanners can be utilized to ‘find’ a person in a facility, particularly in response to a disaster.