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Police Evidence and Seized Property

Police department’s store a substantial amount of evidence and seized property, often including indoor and outdoor facilities and impound lots.  Common types of evidence include:

> Narcotics
> Weapons
> Currency
> Vehicles
> Miscellaneous Goods

Whereas it is always important to effectively manage and account for goods being stored in any storage or warehouse environment, it is especially important to have tight controls of property and evidence.  The adjudication of court cases, justice for victims and evidence-based prosecution of defendants depends on well managed property and evidence with bullet-proof chain-of-custody and accountability.

The ARMS Armory Management System has been fully developed for the diverse needs of police department management of property and seized evidence, including:

> Discreet data layouts for narcotics, weapons, currency, vehicles and miscellaneous goods
> Digital scales directly connected to ARMS software for input of the weight of narcotics to the software
> Tracking of objects and containers to specific storage locations
> RFID at doorways to track goods entering or exiting property and evidence rooms
> RFID and lights/alarms at exit points to prevent the unauthorized removal of property or evidence
> Portable scanner for rapid inventories and to find missing/needed property or evidence
> Biometric or software-based authentication of people authorized to receive property and evidence
> Electronic signature capture when custody of property or evidence is transferred
> Chain-of-Custody Audit Logs of property and evidence from moment of seizure to final disposition
> Automated alerts and letter generation when property is authorized and due to be returned to owner

The ARMS Armory Management System provides complete software functionality, the ability to FIND missing objects, the ability to perform rapid inventories and rigorous chain-of-custody to provide police departments with the most advanced property/evidence tracking and accountability system in the marketplace.