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Tool Tracking

Streamlining tool crib operations has a significant impact on efficiency and ability to meet mission requirements.  The ARMS Armory Management System enables a custom-configured data layout dedicated to capturing data about tools, such as manufacturer, make, model, acquisition value, acquisition date, etc. 

ARMS software keeps a computerized registry of all tools and consumables utilized to maintain tools.  ARMS also keeps track of tool inspection schedules, maintenance agreements, calibration schedules and the results of any tool inspection, calibration or maintenance event.  Robust custom and standard reports are available for effective management and reporting of tools and events related to the usage and maintenance of tools.

ARMS software also enables staff to Reserve, Request and Transfer Custody of tools.  Every time a tool is removed, returned or maintained saves a data record to audit trail chain-of-custody module in the ARMS software.  ARMS also automatically emails ‘overdue notices’ if tools have been in usage for longer than business rules specify as time-allowed-out.

ARMS includes a batch tracking screen that enables rapid check-in, checkout and tool status updates.  Tools can be tagged with bar codes and/or RFID to streamline and speed tool crib operations.  Tools can be checked in or out using USB scanner, or, by placing RFID antennas at tool crib exit points.  If staff have RFID on their ID card and/or key fob, or sewn into uniforms, then custody of tools automatically transfers to the person that removed tool(s) from the crib.

If tools approach a tool crib exit in an unauthorized or unexpected manner, ARMS can trigger alarms, flashing lights and security alerts.

Portable RFID scanner can be utilized to find ‘missing’ tools in the crib or within facilities.  Portable scanner also enables rapid inventories of tagged objects within the tool crib and/or of all tagged objects in-circulation.