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Weapon Depots

Often, military and police procure weapons, gear, ammo and containers that are stored in warehouses or storage systems and  maintained until requisitioned and/or forwarded to specific armory locations.

The ARMS Armory Management System includes the ability to import or input procurement data and reconcile incoming shipments against purchase orders, contracts and/or bill-of-ladings.  Warehouse shelves, bins, pallets or other storage locations can be tagged with RFID or bar code location tags.  After procurements are received, adjudicated and a ‘limited technical inspection’ has been performed, depot staff can track weapons, gear and ammo going into cases and containers, and, track weapons, gear, ammo and containers to specific storage locations by scanning location tags and bar code or RFID weapon, gear, ammo and container tags.

ARMS’s electronic forms can be utilized by armories to requisition (work order) needed weapons, gear and ammo.  Weapons depots can utilize ARMS’s electronic forms to create a weapons, gear, ammo shipping form.  Work orders and shipping forms itemize each weapon, gear and unit of ammo that is requisitioned and that is shipped to the requisitioning armory.

RFID antennas can be placed within the depot to establish RFID detection zones for real-time tracking of weapons, gear, ammo, containers and personnel.  RFID antennas can be placed at depot exits and integrated with alarms, flashing lights and security alerts to prevent the unauthorized removal of weapons or other tagged objects or containers.

Portable scanners can be utilized to rapidly inventory all objects and containers within the depot.  RFID portable scanners can also be used to rapidly find ‘missing’ objects or containers.