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Weapon Parts Tracking

The ARMS Armory Management System comprises multiple ‘data layouts’, like weapons/gear/ammo, personnel, cleanings, test firings, maintenance, etc.  ARMS also includes optional weapon parts ‘data layout’ that identifies every part used for weapon maintenance.

The ARMS parts tracking module includes data corresponding to parts, such as manufacturer, make, model, part #, etc., data relative to quantity on hand, quantity incremented, quantity decrements and reorder quantity trigger.

ARMS can be accessed on traditional workstation computers / laptops for input of data relative to parts, their acquisition and their usage.  ARMS also supports the use of tablet PC’s so that parts tracking can be accomplished ‘at the storage unit’ versus ‘at a workstation computer.

ARMS also enables input of the # of rounds fired, and tracking when weapon barrels are due for replacement. 

Weapons that require routine service can be tracked by ARMS software and automatically queued for armorer alerts.  Many reports are also available from ARMS that provides armorers a fast, concise view of all upcoming weapon service requirements.