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Weapon Racks and High Density Weapon/Gear/Ammo/Container Storage Systems

Virtual Doxx Corporation, developer and implementer of the ARMS Armory Management System, provides free, no obligation armory consulting services featuring our exclusive, modular weapon storage systems, NVG Cabinets, Compact Storage, Weapon Tracking, Weapon Carts, Armory Cages, Workbenches, Weapons Vises, Shelving Systems, Modular Storage Cabinets and other affiliated storage systems required in armories.

With changing weapon inventories across the branches of military, and units of police and local government agencies, Virtual Doxx offers a complete modular based weapon storage system with unique fully slotted back panel system allowing for configurations to be changed according to your inventory.

Virtual Doxx also specializes in the design & implementation of high density weapon storage systems, typically racks mounted on carriages with wheel that are driven by chain-drive or electrical signal to move left or right.  High density weapon storage systems result in maximum storage density inside your armory with free-standing Combat Weapon Racks or Combat Weapon Shelving and also mobile carriage systems for larger storage density requirements.

With weapons being stored vertically and laterally, sight counts and inventory time is reduced for armorers including the ability to perform audits with the ARMS Armory Management System software. Miscellaneous items such as scopes, optics, NODs, tripods, spare barrel bags, NVGs, radios, ammo and tools are stored with standard components and can be tracked and secured by the ARMS Armory Management System.

The weapon racks and weapon storage systems offered with or independently of the ARMS Armory Management System have been implemented to all branches of the military in CONUS, Hawaii & Alaska and globally in Europe, Africa, Asia & South America. Our background as storage system experts allows our system designers to implement cost effective high density storage solutions meeting your changing inventory requirements.