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Bar Code Tags

Weapons, gear, ammo and containers can be tagged with bar code labels, to enable rapid and accurate tracking of weapons during issues and returns.  Bar coding is an excellent stand-alone technology for tracking objects stored in an armory, issued and returned.  Bar coding can also be utilized in conjunction with RFID tags, for objects that are not well suited for RFID tags (such as ammo clips, where a tag can impede the insertion and removal of clips and could affect firing of a weapon).

Most often 1-dimensional tags are utilized, with the bar code # matching the object’s serial #, or, by applying sequentially numbered bar code labels and linking the sequential bar code # to the object’s serial # in the ARMS database. 

2-dimensional bar code tags can also be utilized for tagging weapons, gear, ammo and containers, if multiple elements of data are required within the weapon tag.

Bar code tags are typically made of a durable polyester material and are mylar laminated to protect the bar code from being damaged.  Bar code tags are also available made of aluminum or other metal materials for additional durability.

Bar code tags are typically adhered to weapons, gear, ammo and containers, however, there are a number of methods for hanging tags onto objects.

Bar code labeling of weapons, gear, ammo and/or containers are more accurate than ‘pen and clipboard’ or keyboard data entry methods of tracking weapons issues and returns or inventorying the objects in an armory.