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Weapon Maintenance Tag

When weapons are returned to an armory or repair depot, custody of the weapon must be transferred to the armory or depot, and the person that submitted the weapon should have proof-of-transfer.

The ARMS Armory Management System includes a 3-part weapon tag that is printed based on data entered to the ARMS software.  The weapon tag serves three (3) important functions:

1)The top portion of the tag includes a photo of the weapon and key identifying data about the weapon.  This portion of the tag is tied to the weapon trigger or otherwise secured to the weapon to uniquely identify the weapon while it is being serviced;
2)The bottom portion of the tag includes a photo of the weapon, unique data identifying the weapon, the time/date the weapon was transferred to receive maintenance, the person submitting the weapon and the person that received custody of the weapon for the maintenance event.  This portion of the tag is provided to the person submitting the weapon so that they have proof of submitting the weapon for maintenance;
3)The middle portion of the tag includes maintenance data including parts used, person that performed the maintenance, the time duration required for the maintenance and similar data.  This portion of the tag can be stored in fireproof or other storage unit to chronicle a weapon’s maintenance throughout the weapon’s life.

All data entered into ARMS for printing the weapon maintenance tag is stored in the ARMS database.  The location of the weapon is updated to the location at which maintenance is being performed, and, an audit trail record is created for a ‘cradle to grave’ history of every weapon, including each time a weapon receives maintenance.