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Why Virtual Doxx Corporation

When selecting a company to do business with, look to a proven track record, impressive references, advanced technologies, years of experience and constantly evolving capabilities, framed by a company dedicated to doing business with integrity, competence, commitment and results meeting and exceeding expectations. This criteria brings Virtual Doxx and the ARMS Armory Management System to the top of the list for armory management and security solutions.

Virtual Doxx Corporation has customers in sixteen (16) countries and including eight (8) federal governments. We implemented ARMS for the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Department of Defense, as well as other military, police, security organization and infrastructure companies worldwide. We invented the first Internet-based tag printing software in 1997, and gained # 1 market share in the USA.

Virtual Doxx is in its 10th year of development and delivery of the ARMS Armory Management System, a single code-base that is configured for each new application and customer based on the customer’s exacting requirements. We know what it takes to start a project, and finish a project, bringing state-of-the-art software and technology, and facilitating ‘best practices’ for armory operations. We know what it takes to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing performance.

The ARMS Armory Management System is easily expandable, as a single database with unlimited data views, or multiple database instances, for armories, property/evidence, mobile armories, depots, warehouses, deployment gear, assets, documents, personnel or essentially any type of object or person. Leverage the investment in ARMS across the enterprise.